Best web development framework in 2021

Web Development Framework

Web development framework give ready-made components for constructing a dynamic web application.
Using framework gives a head-start to the developers by reducing the requirement to construct and configure everything from the ground up.

Since web development framework are written in many languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby, and Java among others, and have varied characteristics, the choice of the suitable web development framework primarily rests on the functionality required in the application.
Here are the top 3 best web development framework that will stay popular among the developers’ community in 2021 with its pros and cons.

Node.js – Js Framework For Web Development

Js Web Development Framework

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 engine.

It is event-driven with non-blocking I/O, making it lightweight, efficient, and highly fast for creating web programs.

Node.js has become the go-to choice for numerous areas including IT, Healthcare, and many more.
It’s hard to resist the simplicity Node.js offers. However, there are certain advantages and downsides to any web development framework.


Freedom in Building Apps

While Ruby on Rails is a web development framework that enforces rules and principles of building software in a specific way, Node.js provides you much more space and freedom in doing it your own way.
Node.js is entirely unbiased, meaning you start constructing everything from scratch.
It can do basic operations, but provides you only the bare minimum from a fresh install, making it less limited.

Full Stack Javascript

Before Node.js, Javascript was solely used for client-side programming. It was required to utilize a separate server-side programming language.In actuality, you had to hire different developers for backend and for frontend.
With an increasing popularity of Node.js fullstack JavaScript become a reality.
Nowadays it is feasible to develop both front-end and back-end of web apps in Javascript, making app deployment more easier and more efficient with this javascript web development framework.

Active Community

The Node.js developers community is a very active and dynamic group of developers that contribute to continual advancement of Node.js. With the cooperation of JavaScript programmers and their participation to the community you gain access to a ton of ready solutions, codes in Github and many more options.
Even though, it is currently at a very early stage of growth, the community is actively evolving and its members go the additional mile to give others with finest and trustworthy answers.


Unstable API

The application programming interface for Node js continues developing, and in light of this explanation, the dependability isn’t kept up with correctly.Because of this, software engineers and Developers might face problems while attempting to fuse multiple components and capabilities that employ the distinct aspects of Node js in their applications.

Not good with relational databases

Designers pay attention to the fact that using Node js with social information bases is certifiably not a straightforward task.
The devices are nonetheless incredibly immature when contrasted with their rivals on the lookout.
So if your activities involve social information bases, you could need to opt for other solutions like Rails or MVC.

Django – Python Web Development Framework

Django is an MVT python web development framework. It may be characterized as a “batteries included” web framework that is simple and sturdy and helps the web developers to build clean, efficient and powerful code.
Django is one of the most recognized and utilized web development framework right now.
It follows the Model View Template architecture.


Easy and fast

One of Django’s goals is to simplify work for developers, which requires: Rapid development principle: Developers may do iterations at once instead of needing to start from scratch.

DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself): Developers can reuse existing code and focus on it. Unnecessary duplicate code will be eliminated by this framework, therefore decreasing the quantity of code, which helps you save more time.


Security is also Django’s top priority. It is one of the web development framework with the finest security mechanism available today.
Due to this python web development framework, developers may prevent typical security concerns such as Clickjacking, Cross-site scripting, Cross-site request forgery and SQL injection etc.

The framework also regularly releases security patches. Django is considered the leading framework in responding to security vulnerabilities and reporting other frameworks.

Suitable for all types of project

With Django, you may tackle projects of any scale- from basic websites to high-load web apps and from simple websites to high-load web applications. Django offers numerous more features and is extendable.
You may develop apps that manage heavy traffic or big amounts of information with Django.

Moreover, Django is cross-platform that means you may run the project on Mac, Linux, or PC.

Also, Django works with most major databases and allows to use of multiple databases depending on the project.
You can even utilize numerous databases concurrently.


Django ORM

Django ORM, built before SQLAlchemy existed, is currently considerably inferior than SQLAlchemy.
It is based on the Active Record design which is poorer than the Unit of Work pattern chosen by SQLAlchemy.
This implies, in Django, models may “save” themselves and transactions are off by default, they are an afterthought.

Slow in Evolving

Django is big and is called monolithic piece of software.This allows the community to build hundreds of reusable modules and apps but has also hampered the speed of development of the Django. On top of that Django needs to preserve backward compatibility, therefore it advances slowly.

Spring – Java Framework For Web Development

a Framework For Web Development

Spring Framework is an open-source java web development framework for creating web applications utilizing Java as a programming language. It is strong and lightweight but easy to use, and it provides support for creating Java applications quickly.
Spring is a lightweight java web development framework which may be regarded of as a framework of frameworks because it also includes support for different frameworks such as hibernate, struts, tapestry, and JSF.



Spring is modular lightweight java web development framework which allows you to selectively use any of its module on the top of Spring Core.

Inversion Of Control (IOC)

This is another great feature of Spring framework where application requirements are met by the framework itself.
Framework generates the object in runtime and meets application requirements.

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is highly common in programming world and in Spring it is effectively implemented. Developer may utilize Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP ) of Spring to create application in which business logic is isolated from system services


Higher execution time

Java Virtual Machine greatly increases the code execution time of the app.

Unlike C, C++, where the code gets immediately translated into the machine code, the procedure differs a little.In the case of Java Virtual Machine, the code gets built by the compiler, and the generated byte code is then executed on any device.

Spring boot may include dependencies that are not used therefore creating large deployment file size.


Choosing the best web development framework, backend web development framework included, might not be a piece of cake, but a lot relies on the application use case and what technology pairswith it.
Although most developers typically prefer working with known web development framework, they are frequently left with little option but to try their hand at a new framework, they have never used before as companies are continuously shifting to newer technologies.
However, stepping into unchartered terrain by experimenting with different web development framework can be both enjoyable and a wonderful learning experience.

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