How to Write ATS Friendly Resume That Will Get You Hired.

ATS Friendly Resume


If you send your resume to employers the resume is often processed via an application tracking program that searches for certain keywords. These systems assist employers to sort through the large amount of resumes, allowing only resumes that meet certain requirements. It is possible to create ATS friendly resume however. We will define the systems for tracking applicants, explain what ATS friendly resume are, and show you how to write them.

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Applicant Tracking Systems(ATS)

Applicant tracking system is a piece of software utilised by many employers to gather to sort, rank and sort the resumes they get. At first, employers employed ATS technology to narrow huge applicant pools. ATS technologies are more widespread than ever before, since it is designed to showcase the most skilled candidates for jobs and also speed up the process of hiring.

How does it work?

Applicant tracking systems gather every resume that is received. Employers can target specific keywords that are relevant to the job. The system categorises every Resume and classifies them in accordance with their use of specific keywords. Resumes that contain the least number of keywords or that are not properly formatted for an ATS are rejected. Its job is to determine those who are most suitable to the job and then provide those resumes to employers. The recruiter will have more time to assess candidates instead of skimming through dozens, or even hundreds of resumes.

It’s not with no flaws, but many employers and applicants alike disprove of it, since the program could accidentally reject the candidate who’s qualified due to the format of their resume. This is why it’s vital for job applicants to rewrite their resumes keeping an applicant tracking system in mind.

Tips For Writing ATS Friendly Resume

Include keywords

The ATS works similarly similar to search engine optimisation (SEO) which is accomplished by using keywords. If you submit your resume and cover letter, the ATS analyses it and records it in the database. The recruiter then searches the database for keywords like specific abilities, qualifications, or job titles to generate an application shortlist. The key for applicants is to ensure that their resumes contain the pertinent keywords that recruiters are likely to look for.

How do you choose the best keywords to include in your CV? It’s simple. Use the job advertisement to get a good starting place. 9 times out of 10 the job advertisement will have the particular qualities and skills the recruiter is seeking. It is your responsibility to ensure the keywords are mentioned on your resume.

For instance, if the hiring manager has mentioned “project management” as a requirement skill and you’ve got project management experience, ensure that the word “project management” appears on your resume.

Avoid charts, images and other graphic designs

Although they may appear attractive to the eye of the average person however, resumes that include images can be a mess or are completely removed from your resume once it has been processed by an applicant tracker. If, for instance, you include an image or a chart to highlight your most important abilities and abilities, the ATS is unable to understand it. If you choose to use a unique image to mark your the resume of yours, that bit of information is lost in your applicant tracking system (ATS).

Use bullet points that are simple

When used correctly, bullet points can be an excellent way to highlight achievements and skills on resumes. If you opt for an intricate symbol to illustrate your bullets, your most important selling points may become muddled. Do not use complicated symbols in the creation of a bulleted listing in your resume. Use the most basic options for bulleted lists, like the solid circle, open circle or square to ensure that your bullet points improve your resume rather than making it unusable with an ATS.

Use Clean And Professional Design With Proper Hierarchy

When choosing your resume’s design template, it is best to keep it simple. It’s not just that complicated designs for resumes or formats that are unusual make it difficult for most applications tracking systems however, they also cause annoyance to recruiters who are used to rapidly scanning a resume to find specific details they are hoping to find in specific places within the resume.

Use Simple Fonts

Because of the variety of softwares available for hiring that are available, the choice of font is crucial to ensure the compatibility of your ATS resume. Fortunately, the fonts included in word processors tend to be the most suitable for ATS.


Although there are a large variety of technical information to take into consideration when creating a resume for applications. A well-designed resume cannot replace an established set of skills and interpersonal abilities. Also an ATS friendly resume offers applicants the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate these abilities during the other stages of the hiring process since many job applicants are eliminated automatically by the applicant tracking systems.

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When you think about the process of hiring as a set of gates that are optimised, an ATS resume will pass through the very first, and most solid gate. As time passes, applicants with optimised resumes will have greater visibility. A ATS friendly resume is the sole element of the entire life cycle of an application that an applicant can modify and control to succeed in the long haul.

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